This is the personal website of Eli Tyre.

I am a generalist and independent scholar, currently based in Berkeley, California (but I travel a lot).

I hustle, with the aim of improving the chances that human civilization survives this century, so that we have enough time to figure out how to build a Good (e.g. sane, safe, humane, psychologically-healthy, eudemonic) society. Professionally, I do freelance work with small seleciton of organizations taking action to reduce existential-risk.


Musings and Rough Drafts is my personal blog, where I write about whatever is of interest to me at the moment, with wildly varying levels of rigor and polish. Some people have expressed that they found it helpful to them.

I also post on Less Wrong.

I also sometimes write threads on twitter, where my handle is @EpistemicHope. I archive virtually all my threads on threadreader, so you can read them without needing to wade into an attention-harvesting, intention-sapping, social media platform.


I'm a mediocre software engineer, mostly building tools for my own use. My open sourced projects are here.

Adversarial colaborations

I have a standing interest in participating in short (1 to 10 hour), adversarial collaborations. If you think I'm mistaken about something and want to hash it out with me, let me know. I'm probably down.