This is the personal website of Eli Tyre.

I am a generalist and independent scholar, currently based in Berkeley, California (but I travel a lot).

I work on a diversity of projects, but the following is a decent overview of my major areas of interest.

Long-termist Strategy

My main, and most important, work is my research and writing on global strategy: attempting to get a grasp on which global trends matter in the historical long run, and to identify paths that will result in humanity surviving this current century and going on to create a safe, sane, humane, civilization.

Currently, most of my public work on this kind of thing is either on LessWrong, or under the Macro-strategy and Applied Philosophy and Decision Theory of Saving the World categories on Musings and Rough Drafts. I have vague plans to start a dedicated blog for this.


I think a lot about the difficulties of human communication, how it goes wrong, and how to do better. I'm especially interested in problem of bridging ontological divides: how to resolve disagreements and make epistemic progress across radically differences in ontology and worldview.

There are a few (disorganized, unedited) examples of my attempting to do this on my YouTube channel. You can find some of my public writing on this topic here. More on this coming soon.

Relatedly, I have a standing interest in participating in short (1 to 10 hour), adversarial collaborations. If you think I'm mistaken about something and want to hash it out with me, let me know. I'm probably down.

Applied Psychology

Over the years, I've explored and experimented with all kinds of personal development interventions, especially strategies for efficient learning and maintaining high throughput, and then trying to tease out the underlying psychological mechanisms of the things that work.

Efficacy Engineering is my applied psychology blog and wiki, where I host outlines of my current systems, document some of my learning / meta-learning projects in real time, and generally try to iterate to a more true and useful ontology of these domains.

Other Stuff

Musings and Rough Drafts is my current main blog, where on about whatever is of interest to me at the moment, with wildly varying levels of rigor and polish. Some people have expressed that they found it helpful to them.

I also sometimes write threads on twitter, where my handle is @EpistemicHope. I also archive virtually all my threads on threadreader, so you can read them without needing to frequent a social media site.

I'm experimenting with doing rationality coaching, mostly helping clients solve problems and set up effective systems, at $70 an hour. You can book me for that here.

I'm a mediocre software engineer, mostly building tools for my own use. My open sourced projects are here.